In all our programs through out the year, children are immersed in English in a natural way. They enjoy play while learning new subjects Literacy-Numeracy-Science, essential for their future. In the summer we take them on an exciting exploration journey to different countries and cultures. They gain the benefit of learning English and new subjects at the same time.



We become Readers & Authors !

We teach literacy through the systematic Jolly Phonics method. This fun and child centred approach is a powerfull way to teach children read and write in English. Kids love sounds and letters which help them pronounce words better and takes them onto the new stage of their English skills. 



We love Math!

We strive to spark great passion for Math, critical for kids in their future. Kids learn basic age appropriate Math concepts in fun and interactive way.


Science & Experiments

We are curious Explores !

We see our kids as scientists in the future. Science gives children great opportunity to explore, experiment, create and ask many questions. Science is a great way to develop critical thinking, problem solving and sparks endless curiosity. What a better way of learning you can imagine for your child ? 


Science & Experiments

We are curious Explores !

We develop skills for the 21st.century

We strive to develop multilingual and adaptable kids inclusive to other cultures. We help to grow open minded generation of independent life long learners.


English language through Immersion

Kids are immersed in English in spontanuos way with high intensity. It is the most effective way of learning language at this age.

confidence and adaptability

In this ever shifting world kids need to learn how to navigate and be confident and adaptable.

diversity and inclusion

Our kids are born in the global and multicultural world that requires new skills and attitudes to interact, work or live with the people across other cultures.

Innovation and creativity

Our programs are innovative and designed to spark curiosity and creativity as the best way how to engage children into joyful learning.

Curiosity and exploration

We strive to inspire kids to explore and be curious in everything we do. Nurturing curiosity in children, grows their passion to explore and learn.

UNLIMITED fun and happiness

Kids love our programs.Through movement, music, arts and crafts, we use every minute to encourage them to speak English independently.

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Our programs

Afternoon English program

Innovative educational program for kids ages 4-7.

Summer english program

Unique adventures full of fun and learning about the world for kids from 4 -7 years.

English day

Immerse your child in English every Tuesday for a whole day.

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SAFARI camp was inspired by our family life in Africa and Middle East, where we have lived for 10 years as an expat family. Our international lifestyle gives us opportunity to explore new cultures and people every day. We share our stories every summer with kids in Slovakia at the Safari camp.